Group Introduction

      The Weihs group is a dynamic and supportive collection of PhD students, undergraduate students, research engineers and postdocs who work collaboratively on a broad range of topics in the Field of Materials Science and Engineering. The topics range from the mechanical deformation of Mg alloys to rapid phase transformations in reactive materials, and they cover the spectrum from basic scientific investigations to applied research efforts. Underlying all of these projects, though, is the goal of controlling and linking a material's microstructure to its properties and performance. We strive to fabricate, characterize and model the materials that we study and we often work with other research groups to do so, both inside and outside of Hopkins. We invite you to view our current list of research projects under the above heading.

      Group News

            July: John Fite et al published "Evolution of the microstructure and mechanical properties of additively manufactured AlSi10Mg during room temperature holds and low temperature aging" in Additive Manufacturing. Congratulations, John!

            July: Suhas and Prof. Weihs published an invited science communication article "A defect determines strength" in Nature Physics in their Measure for Measure series. The article was highlighted on the journal's home page. Congratulations, Suhas!


            July: Shane et al published "Exploring material chemistry for direct ink writing of reactively formed conductors" in Materials Advances. This is the first paper published in a multi-year collaboration with the Charles Stark Draper Laboratory in Cambridge, MA, to develop novel materials for 3D printing reactively formed electrical conductors. Congratulations, Shane!

            July: Elliot's co-authored paper, "Thermite reactivity with ball milled aluminum-zirconium fuel particles", was published in Combustion and Flame. Congratulations, Elliot!

            June: Elliot's paper "Designer direct ink write 3D-printed thermites with tunable energy release rates" from his internship at LLNL was featured on the front cover of Advanced Engineering Materials. Congratulations, Elliot!

            June: Suhas was named a 2020 Diversity Recognition Award recipient by the Johns Hopkins Diversity Leadership Council in recognition of his work towards fostering inclusion with the school and surrounding communities. Congratulations, Suhas!

            June: Elliot et al published "Measuring heat production from burning Al/Zr and Al/Mg/Zr composite particles in a custom micro-bomb calorimeter" as an open-access paper in Materials. Congratulations, Elliot!

            June: Suhas was elected as co-chair of the Climate, Culture, and Campus Experience sub-committee of the Homewood Council for Inclusive Excellence an advisory panel for the Deans at JHU. Congratulations, Suhas!

            June: Suhas was selected to lead one of the online sections of the Biomedical Engineering Innovation program , whose aim is to introduce biomedical engineering to high school students across the world. Congratulations, Suhas!

            April: Shane was appointed as one of the Whiting School of Engineering representatives on the Provost's PhD Education Student Advisory Committee, a committee of graduate students across all Doctoral degree granting divisions of the University who provide regular and direct feeback to the Provost's office. Congratulations, Shane!

            May: Jenna was announced as a 2020 Recipient of a prestigious and highly competitive National Defense Science and Engineering Gradaute (NDSEG) Fellowship through the Army Research Office which will support her continued Ph.D. studies! See an announcement at the HEMI website here. Congratulations, Jenna!

            April: Shane was elected as one of the Co-Chairs of the Graduate Representative Organization (GRO), the representative organization for graduate students across all departments and programs within both the Whiting School of Engineering and the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences. Congratulations, Shane!

            April: Shane was announced as a winner of the Best Student Presentation award for his presentation in the Advances in the Fundamental Understanding and Functionalization of Reactive Materials Symposium at the Fall 2019 Materials Research Society meeting last December. Congratulations, Shane!

            March: Elliot Wainwright successfully defends his Ph.D. dissertation. Congratulations Dr. Wainwright! The title of his dissertation is "Ball Milled Al / Zr Reactive Composites for Bio-Agent Defeat: From Synthesis to Application."

            March: Elliot et al published "Evaluating compositional effects on the laser-induced combustion and shock velocities of Al/Zr-based composite fuels" in Combustion and Flame. Congratulations, Elliot!

            March: Suhas gave an invited talk on "Diversity and Inclusion in STEM" focused on the importance of minorities and LGBTQ+ people within the STEM fields at the alternative spring break programming facilitated by the Center for Social Concern. Congratulations, Suhas!

            February: Prof. Weihs hosts a winter party for the group! After several hours of bowling (both ten-pin and duckpin) the group retired to Prof. Weihs' house for some dinner, board games, and wonderful discussions. Thank you, Prof. Weihs!



            February: Suhas et al published "Effect of Second Phase Particle Size on the Recrystallized Microstructure of Mg-Al Alloys Following ECAE Processing" in Magnesium Technology 2020. . Congratulations, Suhas!

            February: Suhas and Prof. Weihs published an invited chapter tilted "Deformation Driven Precipitation in Binary Magnesium Alloys" in Magnesium Technology 2020. Congratulations, Suhas and Prof. Weihs!

            January: Elliot's co-authored paper, "Thermite reactivity with ball milled aluminum-zirconium fuel particles", was published in Combustion and Flame. Congratulations, Elliot!

            January: Suhas lead a class on "Diversity in Baltimore Community" through the Center for Social Concern and B'more program B'more program. Congratulations, Suhas!

            January: Elliot et al published "Effect of sample morphology on the spectral and spatiotemporal characteristics of laser-induced plasmas from aluminum" in Applied Physics A. Congratulations, Elliot!

            January: Suhas et al published "Deformation assisted nucleation of continuous nanoprecipitates in Mg-Al alloys" in Acta Materialia. Congratulations, Suhas!



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