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      2013 Group News

      December: The Weihs Group celebrates the retirement of Mike Franckowiak, who has been a senior instrument designer in the machine shop for 30 years! Thanks Mike for helping generations of students in the Weihs Group.

Group  Group

      November: Dr. Joerg Braeuer from the Fraunhofer Institute in Chemnitz Germany visits the Weihs Research Group and discusses the Integrated Reactive Materials System that his group has developed for wafer bonding and hermitic sealing.

      October: Michael Grapes, Kyle Overdeep, and Professor Weihs present at the SHS 2013 Conference in San Padre Island, Texas.

      September: The Weihs Group wins a 4 year DOE/VTP Grant entitled: BRAZING DISSIMILAR METALS WITH A NOVEL COMPOSITE FOIL.

      September: Adam successfully defends his PhD thesis, The Effect of Nonuniform Microstructures in Ni/Al Laminate Sheets and Powders, and begins employment this September as a Sr. Process Engineer at Special Metals Inc. in Utica NY. Congratulations Adam!

      September: The Weihs Group, in conjunction with collaborators at NIST (Dr. David LaVan) and LLNL (Drs. Thomas LaGrange and Geoff Campbell), win a 3 year NSF Grant entitled: Nucleation in Solid Metallic Solutions with Steep Composition Gradients.

      July: Prof. Weihs presents an invited lecture, Characterizing In Situ Microstructures and Thermodynamics of Rapid Phase Transformations Far From Equilibrium, at the 2013 Gordon Research Conference on Physical Metallurgy.

      July: Prof. Weihs serves as a co-organiser for the CECAM Workshop: Reactive Multilayers Foils - Bridging the gap from Thermodynamics, Modelling and Experiments. He also presented a talk on dynamic TEM on behalf of Dr. Thomas LaGrange.

      July: Dentist Laura Darnell successfully defends her PhD thesis, VARIATIONS IN THE MECHANICAL, CHEMICAL, AND MICROSTRUCTURAL PROPERTIES OF ENAMEL. Congratulations Dr. Darnell!

      June: Longyu Zhao gives an oral presentation, Enhanced Permeability of 3D Woven Lattice Structures, at MetFoam 2013 in Raleigh, NC.

      June: Prof. Weihs presents an invited lecture, Rapid, Room-Temperature Bonding of Small and Large Components with Reactive Materials, at the Fraunhofer ENAS Chemnitzer Seminar.

      June: Dr. Karsten Woll moves to Karlsruhe Institute of Technology to begin a position as a researcher.

      May: Professor Weihs and Nick Krywopusk attend the Magnesium Workshop Madrid 2013 in Spain. Nick presents a poster on extrusion of pure Mg.

      April: Michael Grapes presents at the Mach Conference in Annapolis, MD.



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