Group Introduction

      The Weihs group is a dynamic and supportive collection of PhD students, undergraduate students, research engineers and postdocs who work collaboratively on a broad range of topics in the Field of Materials Science and Engineering. The topics range from the mechanical deformation of Mg alloys to rapid phase transformations in reactive materials, and they cover the spectrum from basic scientific investigations to applied research efforts. Underlying all of these projects, though, is the goal of controlling and linking a material's microstructure to its properties and performance. We strive to fabricate, characterize and model the materials that we study and we often work with other research groups to do so, both inside and outside of Hopkins. We invite you to view our current list of research projects under the above heading.

      Group News

            January: Elliot Wainwright was recognized by JHU for winning a Best Student Presentation award in the Advances and Upcoming Research Strategies in Reactive Materials symposium at the Fall MRS conference. Congratulations, Elliot!

            January: Prof. Weihs started his Fulbright fellowship, a 12-month sabbatical at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. Congratulations, Prof. Weihs - we'll miss you in Maryland!



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