Group Introduction

      The Weihs group is a dynamic and supportive collection of PhD students, undergraduate students, research engineers and postdocs who work collaboratively on a broad range of topics in the Field of Materials Science and Engineering. The topics range from the mechanical deformation of Mg alloys to rapid phase transformations in reactive materials, and they cover the spectrum from basic scientific investigations to applied research efforts. Underlying all of these projects, though, is the goal of controlling and linking a material's microstructure to its properties and performance. We strive to fabricate, characterize and model the materials that we study and we often work with other research groups to do so, both inside and outside of Hopkins. We invite you to view our current list of research projects under the above heading.

      Group News

            August: Shane, Suhas, and John all passed their oral PhD qualifying exams and are now PhD candidates. Congratulations!

            July: Jesse Grant joined the group as a PhD student. Welcome, Jesse!

            July: The Weihs group hosted a going-away luncheon for Dr. Kinsey and Madeline Mueller. Best of luck with all your future endeavors, you will be missed!


        June: Prof. Weihs was elected as a Fellow of ASM International by the ASM International Board of Trustees " For fundamental understanding, development, invention, and successful commercialization of reactive metallic materials and structures and for innovation in mentoring and educating future materials engineers and entrepreneurs." Congratulations!

        May: Alex Kinsey successfully defended his PhD dissertation titled Development of Gasless Thermite Foils for Bonding Dissimilar Metals. Congratulations, Dr. Kinsey!

        May: Alex Kinsey was recognized for giving the best oral presentation in Symposium A of the European Materials Research Society in Strasbourg, France. His talk was titled Gas Suppression via Cu Interlayers in Magnetron Sputtered Al:Cu2O Multilayers. Congratulations, Alex!

        May: Congratulations to our seniors Madeline Mueller, Michael Teshakovec, Steven Sosa, and Michael Ruiz for graduating! Steven and Micahel T. will continue with us as a Masters students. Good luck all!

        May: Congratulations to Evan Krumheuer for completing his Masters degree!

        May: Prof. Weihs gave an invited talk titled Nanostructured Metal Fuels for Defeating Bio-Agents, at the European Materials Research Society Meeting in Strasbourg, France.

        May: Prof. Weihs gave an invited talk titled 3D Metal Weaves for Cooling, High Temperature Damping, and Bio-Scaffolds, at the Magnesium Innovation Center, in Geesthacht, Germany.

        May: Prof. Weihs gave an invited talk titled Scientific Investigations and Applications of Reactive Materials, at the Institute for Applied Materials, Karlruhe Institute of Technology, in Karlruhe, Germany.

        May: Prof. Weihs gave an invited talk titled Nanostructured Metal Fuels for Defeating Bio-Agents and 3D Metal Weaves for Cooling and High-Temperature Damping at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of the Israel Institute of Technology, in Haifa, Israel.

        May: Prof. Weihs gave an invited talk titled Atomic Diffusion and Phase Transformations in Nanolayered Films at the International Conference on Diffusion in Materials, in Haifa, Isreal.

        April: Prof. Weihs gave an invited talk titled Observing and Characterizing the Deformation of Mg and its Alloys at High Strain Rates at the Mg Workshop, in Baltimore, Maryland.

            March: The Weihs lab travelled to Argonne National Laboratory for three days of experiments in combusion. In-situ x-ray phase contrast images were taken on combusting Al:Zr reactive ball-milled powders at beamline 32-ID-B of the Advanced Photon Source. For the first time, bubble nucleation, rapid growth, and a critical growth rate threshold necessary to cause microexplosions have been measured in pure metal or metal composite combusion.


            February: Prof. Weihs was awarded a Fulbright award for a 12-month sabbatical at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. Congratulations, Prof. Weihs!

            February: Prof. Weihs invites the whole Weihs Group to play duckpin bowling and have a dinner party at his house. A perfect way to kick off the semester!



        January: Prof. Weihs gave an invited talk titled 3D Weaves and Reactive Composite Particles for Structural Energetics and Enhanced Blast at the Eglin Air Force Base, in Valparaiso, Florida.

        January: Prof. Weihs gave an invited talk titled 3D Weaves and Reactive Composite Particles for Structural Energetics at the Workshop on The Behavior, Fabrication, and Promise of Intentionally Structured Energetics, in Sante Fe, New Mexico.

            January: Four undergraduate students join the Weihs group - Lukas, John, George, and Beatriz. Welcome!



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