Postdoctoral Associates

NameWorking YearsCurrently at

Graduate Students

Name Thesis Graduation Year and DegreeCurrently at
FiteJohn Fite"Improving Aluminum Alloy Performance for Structural and Reactives Applications through Structure-Property Relationships "2023 Ph.D.Northrup Grumman
PrameelaSuhas Eswarappa Prameela"Design of Lightweight Magnesium Alloys for Extreme Dynamic Environments"2022 Ph.D.MIT
KrynickiJenna Krynicki"Microstructural and Mechanical Characterization of Structural Metals"2023 Ph.D.Raytheon
PolkAmee Polk"Tuning microstructure and reactive properties of titanium dioxide based thermites using Al-Zr composite fuels"2023 D.Eng.DEVCOM Chemical Biological Center
WainwrightElliot Wainwright"Ball Milled Al / Zr Reactive Composites for Bio-Agent Defeat: From Synthesis to Application"2020 Ph.D.Army Research Lab
LiuWen-ju Liu"ECAE of Mg-Al and Mg-Zn alloys "2019 M.S.Micron Technology
KrywopuskNicholas Krywopusk"Characterization of Magnesium and Magnesium Alloys Processed by Equal Channel Angular Extrusion"2018 Ph.D.JHU
KinseyAlex Kinsey"Development of Gasless Thermite Foils for Bonding Dissimilar Metals"2017 Ph.D.Exponent
GrapesMichael Grapes"The Role of Interfacial Reactions in Aluminum/Nickel Reactive Multilayer Performance"2016 Ph.D.LLNL
ZhaoLongyu Zhao"Design and Characterization of Fluidic and Thermal Properties of 3D Woven Lattic Materials for Heat Exchange Applications"2016 Ph.D.Amazon
OverdeepKyle Overdeep"Designing Reactive Metal Nanolaminates for Bioagent Defeat"2016 Ph.D.Eglin Air Force Base
StoverAdam Stover"The Effect of Nonuniform Microstructures in Ni/Al Laminate Sheets and Powders"2013 Ph.D.Edwards Vacuum
DarnellLaura Darnell"The Mechanical Properties of Human Enamel and Dentin"2013 Ph.D.Dentist
FritzGreg Fritz"Ignition Thresholds and Reaction Propagation in Compacts of Reactive Multilayer Particles"2011 Ph.D.Draper Labs
SpeyStephen Spey"Reactive Multilayer Foils: Ignition and Joining"2005 Ph.D.Consultant
HooperJennifer Hooper"The Metallurgy and Mechanical Properties of Wrought Iron from the RMS Titanic"2003 Ph.D.OHSU
LewisAlexis Lewis"Microstructural Stability and Creep Behavior in Microlaminate Foils"2003 Ph.D.NRL
ReissMichael Reiss"A Study of Reactive Multilayer Foils for Joining Applications"2003 Ph.D.Parent
PfisterBryan Pfister (co-advised for G. Bao)"The Biomechanics of Diffuse Axonal Injury"2002 Ph.D.NJIT
BlobaumKerri Blobaum"Thermite Reactions in Al/CuOx Nanolaminate Foils and Formation Reactions in Al/Ni Nanolaminate Foils"2002 Ph.D.LLNL
JayaramanSwami Jayaraman (co-advised by O. Knio)"Numerical Modeling of Self-propagating Reactions in Multilayer Foils"1999 Ph.D.Deceased
GavensAndrew Gavens"Characterization of the Mechanical Properties of Nb/Nb-Si Microlaminates and Self-propagating Exothermic Reactions in Al/Ni Nanolaminates"1999 Ph.D.Knolls Atomic Power Commission
KrumheuerEvan Krumheuer2017 M.S.Magic Leap
SlusarskiKyle Slusarski"Joining dissimilar metals and alloys using novel reactive foils"2015 M.S.ARL
KrywopuskNicholas Krywopusk"Modeling Thermal Transport in Reactive Multilayer Delays"2012 M.S.Postdoc in Hufnagel lab at JHU
RosenblumCraig Rosenblum"Mechanical Properties of Human Enamels"2010 M.S.Employed
HuiChristinia Hui"Mechanical Properties of Human Incisors"2009 M.S.USPTO
FisherKatie Fisher"Exothermic Reactions in Al-Zr Multilayers"2009 M.S.Deceased
TanotoHutomo Tanoto"Characterizing Adhesion of Multilayer Polymer Coatings (PCL/PLA) on Metal Wire Implants for Drug Delivery"
Diana Bershadsky2023 M.S.
ArlingtonShane Arlington"Fundamentals and applications of reactive nanocomposites"2021 Ph.D.Draper
XueJu Xue"Design and Development of Biodegradable Multifunctional 3D Wove Scaffolds for Orthopedic Implants"2021 Ph.D.Lam Research
QueenIsaiah Queen

Undergraduate Students -- Senior Design

Name Working Years Senior Design Title
LipkinElaine Lipkin
ParkAbby Park
AshiruOlayide Ashiru
KingCarrine King
MammoFanuel Mammo
ChenBowen Chen2018-2019"Characterization of corrosion in Mg alloy wires"
LanganLawrence Langan2018-2019"Coating metallic bio-scaffolds with PCL for bone implants"
YehAlex Yeh2017-2018"Electrodeposition of HAp on SS wires"
SosaSteven Sosa2016-2017"Corrosion studies of dissimilar metal bonds"
TershakovecMichael Tershakovec2016-2017"Studying reactive metal particles in binders"
SchmaussTravis Schmauss2015-2016"Mechanism of Particle Microexplosions During Combustion"
KrumheuerEvan Krumheuer2015-2016"Effect of Bond Parameters on Redox Foil Bond Strength"
DasPaul Masih Das2013-2014"Lithographically Patterning Ni:Al Bilayers as Chemical Time Delays."
LinJasper Lin2012-2014"Molecular Dynamics Modeling of Ni-Al Bilayer Interdiffusion"
MarcelloPaul Marcello2012-2013"Magnesium-Containing Reactive Foils"
JoressHowie Joress2011-2012"Oxidation of Al-Zr Reactive Multilayer Foils"
KrywopuskNicholas Krywopusk2010-2011"Characterization of Mechanically Fabricated Reactive Materials"
WyskeNathan Wyske2009-2010"Oxidation of Metal Layers on Multilayer Foils"
RichmondGrieg Richmond2008-2009"Exothermic Reactions in Multilayer Particles"
RosenblumCraig Rosenblum2008-2009"Mechanical Properties of Water Vole Enamel"
HuiChristinia Hui2007-2008"Nanoindentation of Monkey Teeth"
FisherKatie Fisher2007-2008"Reaction Velocities in Al-Zr Multilayers"
WadeRyan Wade2007-2008"Nanoindentaiton of Human Dentin"
LinJoyce Lin2006-2007"Fracture Strength of Composite-Dentin Bonds"
FengPing Feng2006-2007"Orientation Dependence of Dentin Hardness"
AnitoMary Anito2005-2006"Method for Testing Fracture Strength of Composite-Dentin Bonds"
SwistonAl Swiston2002-2003"Reactive Multilayer Joining of Bulk Metallic Glass"
AgustinMelody Agustin2001-2002"DSC Studies of Al-Ni Multilayer Foils"
WernerMike Werner2001-2002"Nanoindentation Study of Monkey Dentin"
DeneenJulia Deneen2001-2002"Oxidation Study of FeCo"
GreenspanAdam Greenspan2000-2001"Nanoindentation Study of Nb/Nb5Si3 Microlaminates"
CloskeyBill Closkey1998-2000"Metallurgy of the RMS Titanic Rivets"
KimSunh Kim1999-2000"Quantifying the Degradation of Human Enamel in Mild Acids"
CarboJohn Carbo

Undergraduate Students -- Independent Research Projects

Name Working Years Independent Project Title
KhanOmar Khan
MammoFanuel Mammo
NarayananSharada Narayanan2017-2019"Characterizing trinary Al/Zr/C nanolaminate thin films"
MedeirosBeatriz Medeiros2017-2019"Nanoindentation of Mg binary alloys"
ChuJohn Chu2017-2019"ECAE of Mg-Al Alloys"
SchuetteCaitlyn Schuette (URAP Intern)2019 Summer"Dynamic Strain Aging of Mg-Al Alloys"
HernandezStephanie Hernandez2017-2018"Route Effects on Processing of Mg Alloys"
FernandezMatt Fernandez2017-2018"ECAE processing of Mg-Al alloys "
HanzaeiSina Fahimi Hanzaei2016-2017"Thermo-mechanical Processing of Mg-Al and Mg-Li alloys"
MuellerMadeline Mueller2015-2016"Heats of Combustion of Nanocomposite Particles"
GoldsmithJeff Goldsmith2015-2016"Fabrication of Ball-Milled Thermite Powders"
SosaSteven Sosa2015-2016"Production and Characterization of PVD Nanolaminate Thermites"
KrumheuerEvan Krumheuer2014-2016"Mechanical Processing of Thermite Powders to Produce Foils"
SchmaussTravis Schmauss2014-2015"Effect of Foil Geometry on the Combustion of Al-Mg/Zr Foils"
OrtegaJeanette Ortega2014-2015"Heat Transfer Characterization of 3D Woven Lattice Materials"
PanigrahiAtman PanigrahiSummer 2014"Geometry-Dependent Heat Generation from Al/Zr Multilayer Foils"
TheriaultJordan TheriaultSummer 2014"Bond Strength of Brazed Joints Made with Reactive Thermite Foils"
KuAngela Ku2014"Comparing Microstructure of Mechancially Processed Thermites"
CohenWesley Cohen2012-2014"Permeability and Heat Transfer Properties of 3D Woven Structures"
KirbyDylan KirbySummer 2013&2014"Heat Transfer Measurements of 3D Woven Lattices and Headers"
GibbinsDavid Gibbins2011-2016"Effect of Swaging on Reactive Material Properties"
ZhangTianwei Zhang2011-2012"Inert-mediated Reactive Multilayers"
ChiangJenny Chiang2009-2010"Mechanical Properties Cebus Enamel"
DoanBrandon Doan2009-2010"Mechanical Properties of Primate Enamel"
JoressHowie Joress2009-2010"Calorimetry of Reactive Multilayer Foils"
GrzybJesse GrzybSummer 2009"Reactive Multilayer Particles"
KrywopuskNickolas Krywopusk2009-2010"Mechanical Fabrication of Reactive Layered Particles"
HuiChristinia HuiSummer 2007"Hardness of Human Dentin"
GrzybJustin GrzybSummer 2007&2008"Patterning Reactive Multilayer Structures"
WadeRyan Wade2006-2007"Stresses in Dental Composites post Curing"
RockwellAndrew Rockwell2002-2003"Reactive Multilayer Soldering"
BralyAlan Braly2000-2001"Nanoindentation Study of Human Dentin"
HellstromSondra HellstromSummer 1999"Metallography of FeCo Samples"
StanfieldDionne StanfieldSummer 1997-1999"Electrochemical Deposition of Multilayers"
ObersonGreg Oberson1999-2000"Writing Descriptions of Demonstrations for Demobase"
RisnerJuliet RisnerFall 1998"Wrote Descriptions of Demonstrations for Demobase"
HickmanDarian Hickman1998-2000"Development of Demobase Web Site"
KohrSamuel Kohr1998-1999"Construction of a Vacuum Tube Furnace"
HeoEthan Heo
RajSneha Raj
PejicBarbara Pejic
ChowdhuryRida Chowdhury
SahharMaxwell Sahhar