510.312 Physical Chemistry of Materials I: Thermodynamics (Undergraduate)

This course examines the principles of thermodynamics as they apply to materials. Topics include fundamental principles of thermodynamics, equilibrium in homogeneous and heterogeneous systems, thermodynamics of multicomponent systems, phase diagrams, thermodynamics of defects, and elementary statistical thermodynamics.

510.315 Physical Chemistry of Materials II (Undergraduate/Graduate)

This course covers diffusion and phase transformations in materials. Topics include Fick’s laws of diffusion, atomic theory of diffusion, diffusion in multi-component systems, solidification, diffusional and diffusionless transformations, and interfacial phenomena.

510.435/635 Mechanical Properties of Biomaterials (Undergraduate/Graduate)

This course examines the mechanical properties of biomaterials and the dependence of these properties on the material’s microstructure, as well as other factors such as age and environment. We will concentrate on hard and soft tissues and we will also include cells and artificial implants, time permitting.

510.604 Mechanical Properties of Materials (Graduate)

An introduction to the mechanical behavior of metals, ceramics, polymers, and biomaterials, with an emphasis on the mechanisms that control their mechanical behavior. Topics include mechanical testing, tensor description of stress and strain, isotropic and anisotropic elasticity, plasticity, anelasticity, fracture, and fatigue.

510.457/657 Materials Science of Thin Films (Undergraduate/Graduate)

The processing, structure, and properties of thin films are discussed emphasizing current areas of scientific and technological interest. Topics include elements of vacuum science and technology; chemical and physical vapor deposition processes; theories of film growth and microstructural development; chemical and microstructural characterization methods; epitaxy; mechanical properties such as internal stresses, adhesion and strength; and technological applications such as superlattices, diffusion barriers, and protective coatings.