Group Introduction

      The Weihs group is a dynamic and supportive collection of PhD students, undergraduate students, research engineers and postdocs who work collaboratively on a broad range of topics in the Field of Materials Science and Engineering. The topics range from the mechanical deformation of Mg alloys to rapid phase transformations in reactive materials, and they cover the spectrum from basic scientific investigations to applied research efforts. Underlying all of these projects, though, is the goal of controlling and linking a material's microstructure to its properties and performance. We strive to fabricate, characterize and model the materials that we study and we often work with other research groups to do so, both inside and outside of Hopkins. We invite you to view our current list of research projects under the "research" heading above.

      Group News

            September: John Fite successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis propsal! Congratulations, John!

            September: Dr. Kerri-Lee Chintersignh left the group to begin her new role as an Assistant Professor at New Jersey Institute of Technology in the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering. Prof. Weihs hosted a going-away lunch outside on the quad. Congratulations, and best of luck Prof. Chintersingh!



            August: The Weihs group welcomed four new Ph.D. students: Rayna Mehta, Megan Bokhoor, Sreenivas Raguraman, and Beril Ulugun! Michael Flickinger also joined the group as a laboratory technician. Congratulations and welcome to the group!

            June: Prof. Weihs hosts a summer party for the group! For the first time since Feb. 2020, everyone gathered at Prof. Weihs' house for games, food, drinks, and a final send-off to Dr. Elliot Wainwright. Thank you, Prof. Weihs!



            April: Jenna's poster at the 2021 Mach Conference, titled " Thermomechanical Processing of Dilute Mg-Zn-Ca Alloys," won the Judge's Award for Best Poster. Congratulations, Jenna!

            March: Shane's research paper, "Multifunctional Reactive Nanocomposites via Direct Ink Writing" was published in Advanced Materials Technologies and made available online. This work was completed in collaboration with The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory with assitance from Prof. Jennifer Lewis' group at Harvard, and is the first demonstration of 3D printed reactive materials which produce a useful, stable product phase after reaction. Congratulations, Shane!

            February: Suhas's science communication article, "Strategic control of atomic-scale defects for tuning properties in metals", was published in Nature Reviews Physics. Congratulations, Suhas!

            January: Ju's research paper, "Influence of Thermal Processing on Resoloy Wire Microstructure and Properties" was published in Advanced Engineering Materials and made available online. Congratulations, Ju!

            January: John had an abstract titled "Effects of Thermal Processing on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Additively Manufactured AlSi10Mg Parts" accepted for an oral talk at TMS 2021 in March. Congratulations, John!

            January: Jenna had an abstract titled "Thermomechanical Processing of Dilute Mg-Zn-Ca Alloys" accepted for an oral talk at TMS 2021 in March. Congratulations, Jenna!

            January: Prof. Weihs will be giving two invited talks at TMS 2021 in March. They are titled "Leveraging Griffith's Energy Balance in Extreme Environments" and "Deformation Induced Precipitation (DIP) in Light Alloys: Theory and Experiments." Congratulations, Prof. Weihs!

            January: Suhas's poster, titled "Deformation Induced Precipitation (DIP): A Cohesive Processing Strategy to Strengthen Magnesium Alloys" was accepted for TMS 2021 in March. Congratulations, Suhas!



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