Group Introduction

      The Weihs group is a dynamic and supportive collection of PhD students, undergraduate students, research engineers and postdocs who work collaboratively on a broad range of topics in the Field of Materials Science and Engineering. The topics range from the mechanical deformation of Mg alloys to rapid phase transformations in reactive materials, and they cover the spectrum from basic scientific investigations to applied research efforts. Underlying all of these projects, though, is the goal of controlling and linking a material's microstructure to its properties and performance. We strive to fabricate, characterize and model the materials that we study and we often work with other research groups to do so, both inside and outside of Hopkins. We invite you to view our current list of research projects under the above heading.

      Group News

            May: Elliot Wainwright was elected as a Co-Chair of the Graduate Representative Organization, and Shane Arlington was elected as secretary. Congratulations, Elliot and Shane!

            May: Xiaolong Ma et al published "Dynamic precipitation and recrystallization in Mg-9wt.%Al during equal-channel angular extrusion: A comparative study to conventional aging" in Acta Materialia. Congratulations, Xiaolong!

            April: Shane Arlington travelled to Germany and Switzerland to perform collaborative experiments at the Swiss Light Source with former group member Dr. Karsten Woll and his Ph.D. student Tobias Neuhauser from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. SLS2019

            March: Shane Arlington et al published "A nanocalorimetric study of the effect of composition gradients on crystallization in amorphous Cu-Zr thin films" in AIP Advances. Congratulations, Shane!

            February: Shashank Vummidi Lakshman et al published "The effect of chemical composition and milling conditions on composite microstructure and ignition thresholds of AlZr ball milled powders" in Powder Technology. Congratulations, Shashank!

            January: Former group member Howie Joress and current member Shane Arlington published "X-ray reflectivity with a twist: Quantitative time-resolved X-ray reflectivity using monochromatic synchrotron radiation" in Applied Physics Letters. Congratulations, Howie!

            January: Elliot Wainwright et al published "Viewing internal bubbling and microexplosions in combusting metal particles via x-ray phase contrast imaging" in Combustion and Flame. Congratulations, Elliot!



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