Laszlo Kecskes

Prof. Kecskes joined the research faculty of the Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute (HEMI) in 2019.  Currently, he holds secondary appointments in the Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering.  Previously, Dr. Kecskes spent over 30 years at the US Army Research Laboratory.  After his retirement, Dr. Kecskes also worked at Matsys, Inc., on the upscaled powder metallurgy production of bulk reactive materials for impact applications.  He is most well-known for his seminal work in the dynamic compaction of combustion synthesized titanium carbides, diborides and their cermets; synthesis, processing, and dynamic deformation behavior of tungsten-based heavy alloys; and fabrication of refractory bulk metallic glasses and their composite derivatives.  Additionally, Dr. Kecskes has made significant contributions to the synthesis, fabrication, processing, and property characterization of thermally stable nanostructured alloys.